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The joint initiative RACE investigates the regional Atlantic circulation and global change. Changes of the future Atlantic circulation over the next 10 to 100 years are one of the foci. Results will help to quantify repercussions on the global ocean, the climate system and the European shelf area, including humans. Investigations include an improved process understanding which will enhance knowledge about the adaptation possibilites of a future ocean circulation. Hence, simulating regional processes may be improved.



Decisive ocean warming

A new study entitled “Northern-hemispheric differential warming is the key to understanding the discrepancies in the projected Sahel rainfall” by Jong-yeon Park, Jürgen Bader und Daniela Matei (RACE project member) was recently published in Nature Communications. They considered the question of whether the Sahel will be wet or dry in the future and found out that the difference between extra-tropical and tropical ocean warming will be decisive. Learn more on MPI homepage



RACE Statusseminar 2014

The RACE Statusseminar was held on the 6th of October 2014 in Hamburg. The future developments of RACE were discussed, as well as recent results.



English Version of the BMBF Brochure

The english Version of the BMBF brochure 'Climate research in the ocean' is available to download here!



In rememberance of Ernst Maier-Reimer

The staff of the RACE project mourns the passing of the Hamburg oceanographer Ernst Maier-Reimer, who died on the 22nd of July 2013 after a serious illness. He was only 69 years old.

An obituary, as well as the possibility to sign the online condolences book, can be found here.



BMBF Brochure

Climate research in the ocean - Changing ocean currents and future climate

On the 24th of September 2012 the brochure was presented at the international conference 'North Atlantic Climate Variability' by the BMBF. We thank the authors for their contributions: Claus Böning, Peter Brandt, Bernd Brügge, Stephan Dick, Jürgen Fischer, Rüdiger Gerdes, Rolf Käse, Birgit Klein, Holger Klein, Arne Körtzinger, Gerd Kraus, Mojib Latif, Thomas Pohlmann, Detlef Quadfasel, Monika Rhein, Ursula Schauer, Detlef Stammer, Axel Temming, Antje Tittebrand and Martin Visbeck.

Download of the German Version here


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